Utsikten fra Storsvingen | The view from Storsvingen


Storsvingen directly translates to ‘big bend’ and there are several different places in Norway with this given name, however this is the location of the Storsvingen in Hammerfest.

Located at the bottom of Rypefjord, Storsvingen is where you will find one of the best views of Hammerfest and the island of Melkøya or ‘Milk Island’ (pictured left)

I’m not going to talk about Melkøya in this article, so we’ll leave that one for another post.

If you look to the right hand side of the image, you will see Hammerfest in all it’s glory by night under the Northern Lights.

What you won’t be able to see in this image is details like Hammerfest Lufthavn (airport) up at Prærien and Finnmarkssykehuset (Finnmark Hospital Trust).

For now though just enjoy the scenery folks 😉

An Irishman in Hammerfest


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