Got Milk? | Melkøya | FAQS ARTICLE

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I’m not even joking. It’s actually called Milk Island (if you directly translate it)

Melkøya is an island that liquidises natural gas which is extracted via a pipeline under the sea from Snøhvit, a natural gas field in the Barents Sea. The island is run by Statoil LNG on behalf of several other oil extraction companies.

Snøhvit’s pipeline spans a whopping 168km in length and is also managed by Statoil. The project began around 2001/2002 but Snøhvit did not begin to pipe gas under the sea until around 2007 and since then has continued to.

Since that time, crude oil has also been discovered in the Barents which makes this island an even more valuable resource for Finnmark as a whole, not just Hammerfest.

Here’s a little FYI for English readers:

What do you think ‘Snøhvit’ translates to in english? (without Googling)
…go on, hazard a guess!

Sound it out “Snoooo – Hvittttt” – That’s right, it’s Snow White!

…and before you ask NO, the island is not run by 7 hairy dwarves.

Melkøya is run by teams and teams of highly skilled engineers who are all trained to the highest standard in safety procedures, oil and gas extraction.

If you would like to read a little more about activities on Melkøya, I would recommend you click the link below to find a bit more information. The link will open in a new tab.

For now this was just another brief few facts about Hammerfest and I hope you enjoyed the read. If you did enjoy it, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and Share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a great weekend folks! / God Helg!

An Irishman in Hammerfest




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