Keelin of Hearts | Headshot Photography

Sometimes when we as photographers complete a successful photoshoot – we go through our images with a fine tooth comb to select only the best from the shoot.

During this process we can get quite excited to see what the results look like on screen and scan through the images quite quickly to mark the ones we want to keep, work on or even discard.


Luckily for me, I rarely discard images unless they are completely out of focus (oof) or there is too much unintended movement in them. So when I was tidying up my library tonight, I came across this image of Keelin from last year.

Keelin is great to work with and their was no shortage of conversation between the two of us this particular sunny day in Dublin.

Hope you like the image! We had fun making it 🙂


An Irishman in Hammerfest


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