Polarbase, Hammerfest | FAQs Article


Prepare yourself guys, this is a slightly longer one than usual.

I want to talk about something that means a lot to the folks up north here in Finnmark.
At the heart of Hammerfest you have it’s people, there is no doubt about that, but after it’s people it’s usually their daily working life and you cannot talk about the type of work people do in Hammerfest without bringing up the Oil, Gas & Fish industry.

Enter the Polarbase, a company owned by Norseagroup who provide supply bases and logistical solutions to the offshore industry.

The Polarbase is an International Ship and Port facility in Hammerfest and apart from being situated right across the road from my house providing me with an array of visuals to keep me gawking out the window daily, it is Hammerfest’s central hub for oil and gas activity in the Barents Sea.

Without it, Hammerfest would be a very different town.

It also supports hundreds of jobs in the local community and houses an industrial complex with several other businesses and processing plants on the base such as Cermaq for example. Cermaq is a fish farming & production company for my non Norwegian readers.

I myself have had the pleasure to work for a few companies on the base and I can certainly say, there is a serious sense of camaraderie amongst those who work there.

The overall size of the Polarbase is a whopping 330,000sq.metres and growing but the base needs to be this size to handle daily tasks and will be expanding over the coming few years to deal with demand.

If you would like to read a little more about activities in the Polarbase, I would recommend you click the link below to find a bit more information.


For now this was just a brief fact about Hammerfest and I hope you enjoyed the read.

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Happy Friday folks!

An Irishman in Hammerfest


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