Ser ut over Breidablikk Barnehage i Rypefjord | Hammerfest, Norway

Here’s another image taken facing the start of Rypefjord and over the Breidablikk Barnehage kindergarten.

Incase you’re wondering where Rypefjord is, it’s just before you come into the town of Hammerfest itself.
It’s where our ‘Big Red House’ can be found and more importantly, it’s where the Polarbase can be found.

Be it through providing jobs to the locals or be it through the oil exploration activities that take part in the Barents Sea, the Polarbase plays an important role in the day to day living of the people in Hammerfest.

God natt folkens

An Irishman in Hammerfest

Facing Rypefjord & the Polarbase


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