Project 23 | Historical Significance!?


A couple of weeks ago we were tidying my grandads old house, when my mum showed me his little developing room.

The room was literally only big enough for one person to walk in and stand up in it. It was really just a tiny wardrobe.

When I walked into it there were pieces of twine going from one side to the other, with pegs on it at points.

It was like standing in a master chefs kitchen. Everything had a place!

There were packs of old photography paper in all sizes and finishes on a shelf above my head and a box of what I counted to be 23 undeveloped rolls of film on the little shelf at my waste level.

I can’t wait to start getting them developed. Some of them have dates on them over 60/70 years old.

Waiting with bated breath.

Especially for the ones titled “Congo”

Ciao for now,

Iano x


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