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So apple have finally done it!

In fact they done it weeks ago, but yours truly is only getting around to blogging about it now. I’ve taken the liberty of throwing up a few screenshots of the app and all its wonderful capabilities.

Upon launching the app, you are given the option to select the photo(s) you want to edit from a list of albums.

(Ignore the last album, I take snaps of my roster in work rather than writing down my hours)

After you’ve opened and selected your image, your ready for the fun part to begin.
The editing.

You can choose to adjust;
-the black point
-the white point
-the contrast
-the saturation

You can even go as far as adjusting the exposure and the white balance, all manually using the slider feature

…or alternatively you can just hit the ‘Auto Enhance‘ button which does all the magic for you!

I think my favorite feature above all with this app is the ability to use brushes.

It’s something that should have come about a long time ago with the arrival of tablet computers.

Oh and incase I forgot to mention, iPhoto is also available for download on the iPad

If your a fan of lightroom or aperture, you’ll notice that the app has a bunch of presets available native to it and requires no external download (unlike other third party apps)

The beauty of most of these filters is you can actually layer them.

Another feature the application has is flagging your favorites, your final picks and then sharing them via your social networks, printing them or beaming them to your Mac.

If this review hasn’t completely bored you to tears, hit the ‘Like’ button up top and download it for your iPhone now to give it a try for yourself.


iKeego x


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