iKeegan Photography | Vanguard Up Rise 45 | Review

Vanguard Up Rise 45
In Action!

I travel around a lot with my photography and I ain’t talking on a flashy jumbo jet with a team of 12 other photographers/ scouts and make up artists. I mean the type that requires me to have €2 bus fair on hand at all times and calves of steel!!

I’ve often spent the day venturing from one side of Dublin to the other.
Knowing this, I  need a bag that will store all my necessary gear but not give me awful back pain by the end of a long day.

Enter the Vanguard Up Rise 45,….

Also, here comes an unintentionalWhats in my Bag!?’…..

Displaying Upper Compartment


Upper Compartment

The bag consists of 2 main storage compartments, which I found were more than ample for the everyday gear that I carry around with me.

The upper compartment: is used for personal effects and excess gear like memory cards, cleaning kits, cables and chargers.

It stores them using a very handy webbing system so your belongings stay tightly packed  to the bag while moving.

There’s also a zip that goes straight down the front of the bag and comes in very handy for belongings you need quick and immediate access to.

I use this compartment as much as I do the main one, for my keys, my passport and my phone and I find it very secure.

Front Zip Compartment

Now we get to the meaty section of the review – The access!

How do I keep my gear secure, whilst at the same time getting ease of access to it?!….

…Simple, I use one of the two zip openings provided, neither of which are at the front of the bag for obvious security measures, which is the deal breaker right there!

Side Compartment

The first, can be easily accessed while the bag is on by simply lowering one strap and sliding the bag around to the side .

Then by unclasping the YKK secure clasp , you can access your camera effortlessly without ever needing to take the bag off !

YKK Clasp, for added security

The  lower compartment: can also be accessed at the rear of the bag and is another handy security measure .

Combine that with the Air Flow System ( which are little grooves at the back of the bag, designed for comfort while wearing)
and it makes this bag a sure fire winner, in terms of fitting EVERYTHING in, whilst no-more back pain for the Keegs.

Main Items (excluding personal effects) in the bag are as follows;

1 x DSLR w/ Battery Grip (Nikon D90)
1 x Tripod (Vanguard VT-910)
1 x Flashgun (Nikon SB600)
4 x Lenses (or 5 without Flashgun)
4 x SD Cards (Sandisk)

Air Flow System / Open Compartment

The main compartment is  bright orange inside to it, making it easier to spot loose gear (not to mention looking quite Hilary Swank)

In the past, I’ve had problems fitting my 70-200 f/2.8 in the bag.
But the Up Rise 45 has a handy little zipper system that expands the capacity of the bag and gives you that extra little bit of space and THATS the part that matters.

It enables me to carry my 70 everywhere and also protects it when it’s in the bag with a velcro strap that goes over the bottom of it and one at the bottom protecting the camera itself.

On the other side of the bag, two pockets can be found for extra memory, coins or smaller items.

When not in use they can be used to tie up your tripod securely.

Instead of actually spelling out how to do this, I’ve decided on some fancy visuals instead.
Their alot more appealing and I can stop typing before I get a cramp in my hand.

Tripod Unfolding Compartment
Trusty Rain Cover

And of course, last but not least a must-have for any photographer in Ireland, be you a local or a tourist.

The built in rain cover, protecting your gear that little bit more by weather sealing the bag.

This is Ian Keegan signing off and saying thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Also just to say, props to my buddy Shay for the stills.
He is my Mr Miyagi when it comes to photography  🙂

iKeegs x


8 thoughts on “iKeegan Photography | Vanguard Up Rise 45 | Review

    1. Not in this model styro, but that’s literally the only flaw for me!
      I usually have back trouble using my bag for my laptop too.

      The Vanguard Up Rise 48 has a compartment for a laptop though and it still has all the funky pockets the 45 has! 🙂

      1. hello
        Whether this Vanguard RISE UP-45 certainly has a place for a tripod, because some portals which provides a review of this backpack does not indicate that there is room for a tripod?

  1. Thanks a lot for this review …
    I need a bag that could carry my tripod while running motorbike and without touching helmet or seat. On Vanguard website, there’s not picture of the bag with tripod on it.
    Thanks to your review, i now know that this is the bag i need 🙂

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