Batteries Not Included | Duracell Plus Power


Don’t leave home without ’em.

Time and time again, I’ve cheaped out and got ‘nameless’ brand batteries thinking ‘they’ll do!’

Be under no illusion when it comes to your power supply with Flash photography, it EATS double A’s!

So instead of looking like quite the fauxtographer on the day, I now have an endless power source that has, in the past kept me shooting a whole day straight without needing to change them.

They really are the longer lasting batteries,…..

…For me anyhow.

Word to the wise.

Every Christmas Duracell do an 18 pack for about 7 bucks!!! – Invest!!!

iKeegs x


2 thoughts on “Batteries Not Included | Duracell Plus Power

  1. Hi – Great little post! I just picked up a Christmas 18 pack for £7 to see me through a gig on Friday – 8 for the flashes and 8 for the MBD-10 grip on the camera. I’ll pick up a few more packs now that I’ve read your post (I googled (‘duracell plus’ strobist)) The alkalines apparently recycle slower, not that I’ve noticed but they seem more reliable than my various rechargeables.

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