Actor: Ciarán Hinds / Portrait

So I’m jumping off the Ballymun 4 bus service yesterday at the top of O’Connell Street, when I spot a really familiar face walk right by me.

Ciarán Hinds!!!!!!!!

After noticing he looked a bit lost, I walked up to him and offered him a trade,….

“Hello sir, you look lost. Could I trade you directions for a portrait!?”….to which he replied  “Ooh your a smart one!” Hahaha

I really didn’t think he’d agree to it, I was just chancing my arm 😛

Not only did he agree but was willing to go have a wander around with me for a while so we could find a decent spot to do some headshots / portraits.

I’m not gonna bore you with how much awe I was in all and the crap we talked about, but all I can say was it was awesome.
The man is a true gent, a professional and fan of the arts.

If anyone is interested, he plays the role of Captain Jack Boyle in Sean O’ Caseys play Juno and the Paycock at the upcoming Ulster Bank Theatre festival.

Happy face! 🙂

Keegs x


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