Inexperienced!?….Don’t let that stop you!!

Recently an old friend contacted me about doing a fashion shoot. The shoot was to be of her vintage line of clothing to which she was giving off to 9 Crow Street so they could sell them for her.

Normally my immediate reaction is ;

– “Uuuuuh, I’ve never done fashion before” or…

– “I’ve barely shot that type of work before”

….Which loosely translates into ‘I was shit-scared to try shoot it, then fail miserably at it!’

– However, this time I took the wise words of a deadly woman (Caz, take a bow!), who actually has more confidence in me, than I do myself 70% of the time and took on the job!

Be it not for the support of just that one person in my life, I might have never tried and LOVED every minute of the shoot!

It gave me the exact same feeling I had when I picked up the camera for the first time and enjoyed taking photos to my hearts content and I think alot of it was to do with the people involved!

Emma Daly (Model,Pictured above) ; ‘You were brilliant to work with on the day, and everything that we asked of you was done without hesitation or question -Your a star!!’

Mellissa Mc (Stylist) ; ‘You intimidated the shit outta me, because you knew exactly what you wanted with regarding the shoot. You had me work out of my comfort zone and challenged the hell out of me!’ – I Love that!!!

Keith Casey (Stylist); ‘ I didnt do too bad did I!?’ 😉

Liam & Lisa (Models) ; ‘You guys were also great to work with, and very patient with me while I tried out different ideas’ 🙂

All in all the day was a pretty awesome experience, and I look forward to doing more of that type of work!!

In the mean time I highly recommend you lot go check out some of Mels Range in 9 Crow Street / Temple Bar, it’s trés Chic!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Keegs 😉


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