Jack Daniels & Coke

It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve been in Bruxelles off Grafton Street, you know how I know!?…because it was the beginning of a deadly relationship for me.
Before then, I hadn’t actually held onto a woman for more than 5 minutes and now I’ve the best one, and I know there’ll be afew bitter naysayers going ‘look at the state of him, blogging about his bird’ but you know what,….. 😛
Today was one of the first days I’ve had off in a long time, and spending it with Caz to flute about town and get tipsy  with was a bonus.

We went for italian in the Powerscourt and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine over a savage cannelloni and caesar salad then ventures over to Bruxxies for some JD’s and Coke.
Home now, and currently drooling over the keyboard, smelling the quiche across the room in the oven.

Love days like today



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