Best Coffee in Town

Christ the coffee in 3FE is amazing,…

I love being able to go in on any day of the week and be served really rich and never bland coffee (unlike alot of inner city establishments). Not to mention the fact the staff are nothing but friendly time after time. Hopefully other independent food/drink establishments follow suit in both their level of friendliness and efficiency.

I’ve gotten really bad as of late though, I’m not even sure what it is I order, as I just went off a suggestion of one of the baristas (Ger) one day and have gotten the same coffee ever since,…


3 thoughts on “Best Coffee in Town

  1. totally agreed. however, two of their double cappuccinos made me scarily jittery… they just tasted too nice to stop…

    and i completely agree about the staff. pure sound, makes such a nice change.

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