Editorial – Totally Dublin – Future Dublin

Words by ChristopherGoodfellow

Photographs by IanKeegan

The Dublin City Development Plan sets out a five-year strategy for the future of your city. From transport hubs and building heights to off licences, it’ll decide what gets built in your neighbourhood.

But who foresaw this vision?

At a café in East Wall Joe Mooney, a community activist and residents association member, is preparing for an oral hearing into the €2bn euro Dart Underground project.

While we share a pot of tea on Church Street breaking news of the EU and IMF’s €90bn bailout is being repeated on the radio ad nauseam. Mooney’s neighbourhood sits on the fringe of the Docklands. The grey sky outside the window is framed by a seven-storey block of flats, in the foreground an empty building site sits across the street from a row of terraced houses.

The residents association Mooney is part of galvanised around the Spencer Dock protests back in 1999. Now its meetings draw a 100-strong crowd and recently defeated a bid to build a 12-storey tower block on the site we are looking at.

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Totally Dublin Feature – Future Dublin


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