Editorial – Totally Dublin – Skipping Class




The gentrification that’s creeping northwards from Parnell Street seems a long way away, and the area is blighted by endless abandoned buildings whose facades have been covered with hulks of graffiti-covered steel.

The estate on Upper Dorset Street alone has at least 17 empty ground floor flats, not counting the entire abandoned block on its North-Eastern edge. And when you walk through its corridors you can hear the cries of kids echoing off the concrete stairwells: “Why the fuck are you taking photographs for?”

But the five-year-old with the big mouth is quickly reprimanded and once you start kidding around with the members St Saviours Olympic Boxing Academy, which is based in the middle of the blocks of flats, you soon realise you judged the tenants far too quickly.

They’re out here training world champions and Olympic medal winners with little funding in a twenty-year-old gym.

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Totally Dublin Feature – Skipping Class

Words by Christopher Goodfellow
Photography by iKeegan



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